Is UV Light in AC Worth It?

UV HVAC lights are a cost-effective and easy-to-maintain solution for anyone with a home air conditioning system. Even if your air conditioning system has a high-quality air filter, adding UV light can help eliminate microorganisms and bacteria that may be too small to be caught by the filter. Studies have shown that spiral disinfectant lights can significantly reduce the amount of live fungi in an office's air conditioning system. UV HVAC lights have many advantages, from reducing allergies and energy costs to preventing common air conditioning damage. Research has shown that viruses travel in water particles suspended in the air, so only UV lights installed in the ducts that treat the air flowing through them can be effective.

Although using a constantly lit UV lamp will slightly increase your electricity bill, it is worth it if you have problems that UV lights can solve, such as mold caused by excess moisture and humidity. In addition, both types of disinfectant lights prevent dirt from accumulating and moving through the HVAC system. If you or your family suffer from allergies or illnesses caused by germs or particles that no other tool can remedy, then installing a UV HVAC air purifier is a proactive measure. Coil sterilization is the most common type of UV light for air conditioning systems because it is less expensive than air sterilization and is equally effective. If you're interested in seeing how a UV air purifier could improve your home's air quality, consider using the light from the 24 V RGF REME HVAC HALO air purification system. All in all, the right UV HVAC light can improve indoor air quality and the functionality of your system.

Several studies suggest that UV lights kill germs at a high rate, and since less mold and mildew circulate through the air conditioning system thanks to an ultraviolet light unit, drain pipes are also less likely to clog.

Grady Ungvarsky
Grady Ungvarsky

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